Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pimp Your Song!


Are you promoting your music on the internet? That's what I'm all about. As an initial post here are a few resources/outlets that I run.

Delta Boogie - - Band Pages, Radio, Video, PR, Links
Mix Remix - - Hairy Larry blogs internet audio and video
KGPL - - All Styles - All Genres - post your downloadable mp3s
HairyLarryLand - - My studio and label - All songs podsafe
@hairylarryland - - On twitter

Other networking links are at the bottom of the Delta Boogie homepage.

Pimp Your Song! shares space with my Music That Changed The World and Changing The World With Music articles. You can read these articles on DailyKos (with discussion) and Delta Boogie. The discussion on DailyKos is often better than the articles.



Hairy Larry

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